About our Propaganda Collection Book

This collection consists of over 2000 works on paper and related photographs, prints, maps and related ephemera covering the end of colonialism to the end of Communism. It is arranged in chronological order starting with earliest works beginning during the important, but little remembered, battle for supremacy of the then eastern powers of Imperial Russia and Imperial Japan at Port Arthur in 1904, then the battle for supremacy between the European Colonial powers beginning in 1914 to 1919. To many, Germany and the United States were the real victors of that war, but in the peace, Germany lost through the reparations forced upon them. Another little understood victor was Japan, who offered to fight Germany on the side of the allies and was rewarded huge swaths of the Western and South Pacific which were German territories at the time. This switch in power and alliances resulted in a rebalancing of the world powers through World War II. Finally, the definition of power changed from the control of land territories to the control of the hearts and souls of people. Culminating at the end of the Cold War.

Within this exhibit are sub groups, each of which can constitute a separate exhibition:

  • Port Arthur thru World War I
  • The Push for Communism
  • World War II
  • The Cold War to the Berlin Wall

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to contact our curator of this managed collection. He can be contacted at director@ecm2.org. Since the quantity of material can safely be referred to as “huge”, we prefer to work with curators to assist in developing a theme compatible with your museum’s needs. Small slivers of the collection can be developed in as small a space as 75 lineal feet to a grand, in depth presentation of 300-500 lineal feet.

The following is a key of the different sizes for the pieces in this collection. If a piece did not fit into one of these catagories, its size is listed instead of a letter. All sizes are outside dimentions of the frames so you can calculate the space you will need for your exhibition. You may decide to hang them in gallery mode or stack them to your site's particular needs.

  • A - 22" X 29.5"        D - 46" X 63"
  • B - 33" X 45"          E - 46" X 58.5"
  • C - 38" X 48"          F - 49" X 68"

Our Navy Attacks an Enemy Ship by Torpedo Boat

Our Navy Attacks an Enemy Ship by Torpedo Boat
Nobukazu Watanabe
Japan, 1905
Size: 29" X 20 1/4"

Red Cross

As early as 1914, when declarations of war were first announced in summer 1914 when the call to arms was still in its infancy, battles had been fought with both sides accumulating prisoners. The Red Cross served as a neutral source of aid to both sides as it had since the mid 19th century. Since it was a recognized neutral organization, it received donations from throughout the world to supply aid as needed, as it still does today. Here the Red Cross is asking for donations to fund volunteer nurses. Hohlwein, (1874 - 1949) one of the great 20th century posterists was famous for his straight forward imagery, and minimal use of text to support the image.

Rote Kreuz - Sammlung
Ludwig Hohlwein
Germany, 1914
Size: B

Irishmen Avenge the Lusitania

Irishmen Avenge the Lusitania

Ireland, 1915
Size: 29 3/8" X 19 1/4"

Independence Calls for the Bravest of Men

Independence Calls for the Bravest of Men
V. Soutric
England, 1915
Size: 29 3/4" x 20"

Subscribe to the 5½% War Loan

Subscribe to the 5 ½% War Loan
Ernst Gerling
Russia, 1916
Size: B


Up to now, British citizens were still very much in favor of the war and to get the Jerry. To get the Hun. Original enlistments were high for God and country. But by 1916, the common man, the guy who had to go to the front, was very much aware that all is not rosy and that people were returning with body parts missing or in boxes.

Voluntary enlistments dropped, so the thrust of advertising changed to guilt for not serving, notices to where to meet your draft board, and what we are doing to them.

This is the last poster created for the War Office depicting war as fun or an heroic act. Posters changed to “Do Your Bit,” “Watch your buddies” and similar themes.

Lucy Kemp Walsh
England, 1916
Size: D

Shall This Continue?

Shall This Continue?

USA, 1917
Size: C

He Bears the Burden

Support Your War Loan

Er Tragt Draussen Die Last.
Zeichnet Ihr Kriegsanleihe.
H. Bohm-Weiden, Germany, 1917
Size: C

Do Your Duty!
I Want You
Buy Your Victory Bonds


Fate Tutti Il Vostro Dovere!
Achille Mauzan
Italy, 1917
Size: B

I Want You
James Flagg
USA, 1917
Size: C

Buy Your Victory Bonds
USA, 1917
Size: C

And What About You?
Italy, 1943
Size: 32 3/8 X 24


U9 - Kriegsanleihe 9
T. Walch
Germany, 1918
Size: B

Red Soldiers Advance!

Voros Katonak Elore!
Bela Uitz
Hungary, 1919
Size: 49" X 74"UF

He Who Doesn't Work

He who doesn't work will dig his children's grave.

Wer Nicht Arbeitet
Cesar Klein
Germany, 1919
Size: 47 5/8" X 34"UF

As in Russia!

Radical socialists, You will pass in that great night like all the others!

Comme en Russie!
Charles Hallo
France, 1926
Size: 31 1/4" X 23 5/8"

Fulfill Grain Procurement Fully and On Time

Fulfill Grain Procurement Fully and On Time

Russia, 1929
Size: 41" X 28"

Religion - Enemy of Industrialization

Religion - Enemy of Industrialization

Russia, 1930
Size: 40" X 27"

Capitalism Shows it’s Face to the Soviet Union

Capitalism Shows Its Face to the Soviet Union

Russia, 1930
Size: 34.5" X 26"

On the Watch for the Socialist Way

On the Watch for the Socialist Way

Russia, 1930
Size: 28 1/2" X 40 3/4"

International Disarmement

Pour Le Desarmement Des Nations
Jean Carlu
France, 1932
Size: 62" X 45"

Anti-Japanese War

Anti-Japanese War

China, 1932
Size: 14 1/2" X 23 3/8"

Air Protection is Self-Protection

Luftschutz Ist Selbstchutz
Otto Baumberger
Switzerland, 1935
Size: 50 1/2" X 35 7/8"

2 Days To Europe - Hamburg American Line

2 Days To Europe - Hamburg American Line
Jupp Wiertz
Germany, 1936
Size: 32 1/2" X 23 1/48"

In 1942 America Will Build 60,000 War Planes
Build More Planes

(Top Poster)
In 1942 America Will Build 60,000
War Planes.
In 1943 America Will Build 125,000
War Planes.
Size: 40 1/2" X 30 3/4"

(Bottom Poster)
Build More Planes
The US Demon Will Shoot Absolutely.
Kill the Japenese!
Annihilate them from the Earth!
We Wanted Peace But Waged War
With the United States Before They
Could Strangle Us.

Size: 29 1/4" X 20 1/8"

Buy National Bonds and Send Bullets to the Front Line

Second Sino-Japanese War National Bonds.
Sold at the post office.
December 24th-November 4th
Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Communications

Back of poster

    “Tip of the writing brush”
  1. Do not think manure will be effective. What is effective is the sincerity of the heart and the truth.
  2. If you discern the truthful heart, you can expect any kind of protection.
  3. Do not think any manure will work. It will only work if god receives your heart.
  4. If there is sincerity in the heart and in the truth, any help would not be wrong.
  5. From now on, smaller manure would not be any different. Please understand it very well.
Buy National Bonds and Send Bullets to the Front Line
Japan, 1937
Size: 20 1/4" X 14 1/4"

National Bank Bonds

To Commemorate to the Shina incedent.
Bond Drive June 14th to July 6th.
Bonds at Five yen and 10 yen.
Shichiichi Shogunate.

National Bank Bonds

Japan, c.1937
Size: 21 5/8" X 15 1/4"

Nazism, Man in Nazi Society

El Nazismo, El Hombre en la Sociedad Nazi

Mexico, 1938
Size: B

Moscow Workers' Paradise

Moscow workers' paradise:
Violation of the church!
Remember Spain!

Moscow Workers' Paradise

Belgium, 1938
Size: 38 3/4" X 27 1/2"

Glory to Marshal Stalin

Glory to Marshal Stalin

China, 1938
Size: 30" X 21 1/4"

Blame England

An Old Acquantance

Vansittart, a former Secretary of State to the British Foreign Office, gave a new speech in the House of Commons, saying that England could never win this war, and would never have ultimate victory if the English people did not finally learn the truth. And this truth is that England should fight against the whole German nation and exterminate it.

This high-ranking freemason has once again let the cat out of the bag. It is not in England's interests to drop all the old tricks and propaganda, and with all the brutal truth, to appeal to the lowest instincts of a misguided people. We have long been aware of Mr. Vansittart's ominous activity on the political scene, and what he now proclaims in the Lower House is also known from the first day of the war. Vansittart and his comrades, however, have apparently not yet realized that the German people have already set themselves up for the totality of the war, and that they are firmly resolved to fight this war until the victorious end.

We'll meet again, Mr. Vansittart!

Blame England

Germany, 1940
Size: 33" X 47"

Arsonist and Murderer Stalin

Arsonist and Murderer Stalin
W. Mehl
Germany, 1941
Size: 33" X 23"

Glory to the Heroes of the Soviet Nation

Glory to the Heroes of the Soviet Nation
Russia, 1941
Size: 19" X 22 1/8"

Everything Will Be Alright

Everything will be alright
fighting against Bolshevism
in the Waffen SS

Alles Sal Reg Kom

South Africa, 1942
Size: 47" X 35"

Work For Victory As Hard As We Fight For It!

So Wie Wir Kampfen
H. Rothgaengel
Germany, 1942
Size: 33" X 23 1/4"

From Day to Day In Fear

From Day to Day In Fear
Lev Korostyshevsky
Russia, 1942
Size: 14" X 21 3/8"


The Assault Brigade of the French Volunteers

France, 1943
Size: A

Create Weapons and Ammunition for the Front

Schafft Waffen Und Munition Für Die Front
Fritz R. Weber
Germany, 1943
Size: 33 1/4" X 23 3/8"

Hero Gunners Destroy Fascist Tanks!

Hero Gunners Destroy Fascist Tanks!

Worthy of the confidence of all Soviet Russia, with courage as great as mountains, they sweep the enemies mighty artillery away without a trace.

Hero Gunners Destroy Fascist Tanks!
Russia, 1943
Size: 14 1/8" X 21 1/2"


Netherlands, 1943
Size: 43" X 30 3/4"

Building a Rising Asia

Building a Rising Asia

Size: 15" X 10 3/8"

The Dutch East Indies Must Be Free! Work and Fight for it!

Indie Met Vrij!

Size: 19 1/8" X 29 1/2"

Call for Aviators

Call for Aviators
Communications Officers
December 31

Call for Aviators

Japan, c.1944
Size: 29" X 20 1/2"

America's Freedom

Text to come.

La Libera America
Dante Coscia
Italy, 1944
Size: 27 1/2" X 39"

We’ll finish the Fascist Beast in his own cave!

Text to come.

Saját Barlangjában Végzünk a Fasiszta Fenevaddal!
Hungary, 1944
Size: 47" X 33 1/8"

For Real Men...!

For Real Men...!
Register for the Waffen SS

For Real Men...!

Netherlands, 1944
Size: 31 1/8" X 21 1/4"

Imperial Navy Ministry Volunteer Recruitment

Volunteers for Naval Positions
Minimum age required
Flight trainees in aviation department
Military negotiators
Division in weaponry, telecommunications, flight practice

Fulfillment of your best self
June application deadlines
Lab exams, reading and mathematics
4th application submission, graduation application.
Forms, details,avaliable.
Soda Printing Co., ltd

Imperial Navy Ministry Volunteer Recruitment
Japan, 1945
Size: 30" X 20 3/4"

Berlin Attacked by United Nations Army

Berlin Attacked by United Nations Army
China, 1945
Size: 19 1/4" X 28"

Fight the Enemy's Accomplices

Fight the enemy's accomplices.
Subscribe to Support Lawful Authority for the National Reserve or other Reserve Bodies.

Bestrijdt De Handlangers
Netherlands, 1950
Size: 35 3/3" X 23 1/2"

To Stop the Criminals

To Stop the Criminals
Konstantin Nanov
Russia, 1952
Size: 32" X 22"

Soviet Exhibition Industry Agriculture Craft

Vasilij N. Sigorskij
Denmark, 1954
Size: 33 1/2" X 24 1/4"

Puncture a Paper Tiger

Puncture a Paper Tiger
Xin Shen
China, 1958
Size: 30 1/4" X 20 3/4"

Christmas Together

Gemeinsame Weinachten

Germany, 1959
Size: 33 1/8" X 23 1/4"


Going for revenge, Bonn’s gait is cocky, Forgetting Nuremberg’s noose.


Size: 21" X 13 3/4"

Peace Will Win

Peace Will Win
Y.V. Kershin
Russia, 1963
Size: 32" X 22"

Get out of Africa, American imperialist.

Get out of Africa, American imperialist.
China, 1964

Size: B

Draftees of the World Unite!

Draftees of the World Unite!
Carlos Cortez
USA, 1965
Size: 23 3/4" X 34"

If This is Freedom, Then What is Prison?

If This is Freedom, Then What is Prison
Viktor Koretsky
Russia, 1968
Size: 46" X 22 3/4"

Stop Bombardments on All Vietnam

Stop Bombardementen Op Heel Vietnam

Netherlands, 1968
Size: 23 1/2" X 16"

Day of Solidarity with Palestine, May 15th.

Jornada De Solidaridad
Cuba, 1970

Size: A;


Otl Aicher
Germany, 1983
Size: 33" X 23 1/4"

No American Missiles!

No American Missiles!

Russia, 1985
Size: 38" X 25 1/2"

13.8.61 - 9.11.89

13.8.61 - 9.11.89
Germany, 1989
Size: 33" X 23 1/4"

The images contained in this book are a but a fraction of the scope and depth of this collection. Please contact our curator to to share your needs with us. He can be contacted at director@ecm2.org, or call 408-933-1111.

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