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What is ECM2?

ECM2 has been managing several large and diverse collections for many years. Portions of these collections are now being re-directed into smaller, more focused groupings that can be used by museums in whole or in part as free standing exhibits or to be included in similar themed shows curated by AAM members.

Present Exhibits


Historically important vintage posters to ten feet in height together with historical photographs and ephemera placing the poster in its historical context.

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An exceptional travel through one hundred years of artistic styles in posters created by some of the most important artists of the day.

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A large collection covering nearly 100 years of successful posterist creativity that draws the viewer to the product and creates a memorable impression.

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War and Propaganda: From Port Arthur to the Berlin Wall

Posters, photographs, and ephemera showing the trail of lies and deceit the belligerent leaders used to misrepresent reality to the public.

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Giovanni Frangi: Landscapes in a Different Pallet

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